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The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is introducing an e-Invoicing System at the national level in Mauritius in a phase-wise approach. With the advent of this e-Invoicing System, providers of goods and services (that is, the sellers) will be required to fiscalise their invoices or receipts in real time with the MRA before issuing them to their customers (that is, the buyers).

For the purpose of the MRA e-Invoicing System, an Electronic Billing System (EBS) refers to the system being used (or intended to be used) by an economic operator for generation of electronic invoices to record its sales transactions including invoices, credit notes and debit notes. In a nutshell, to make an EBS compliant with the MRA e-Invoicing System, the EBS must be customized for it to communicate in real time with the MRA e-Invoicing System by using the appropriate Application Programming Interface (API) made available by the MRA.

EBS Solution Provider or Software Developer

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In general, an Economic Operator could use his own internal team of software developers or an external solution provider to customise and maintain an EBS to be used for transmission of invoices.

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